git r done

April 22nd, 2006

i’m still officially away from the interweb for a couple more days, but i wanted to make sure that yall knew about or remembered the following:

April 22 - Blog Against Heteronormativity Day

May 1 - Blog Against Disablism Day

May 2 - 4th Radical Women of Color Carnival

May 5 - Blog for Radical Fun Day

And i will be putting up a more detailed and official sounding call for submissions for the third Big Fat Carnival, which i’ll be hosting here June 1, but if you’ve got something ready to go, send it my way or leave a link in the comments.  Spring is such a bustling time of year.

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  1. Avian Mooch Says:

    Hey, you’re awesome. Finally, I find another vegan (i.e. true!) feminist that puts themselves out there.


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