Carnival of Empty Cages #1

April 2nd, 2006

The first Carnival of Empty Cages is here, folks! As i stated in the submission calls, there was no theme to this first carnival. So posts are all over the place. I figured we could start off with some posts that may answer a few questions about veganism:

Lake Desire over at lays out her definition of veganism and shows us that This Is What A Vegan Looks Like, while Veganium2 explaines Veganism for Dummies.

Then i figured we’d just jump right in and start dealing with some issues at hand. Let’s ease into i a little bit, though, as The Robert Swipe Show shows us just how funny hunters really are with his post Hunters “testing law to the limit”, claims League Against Cruel Sports.

From there, Vegan Freaks take us on a heart-wrenching trip through the halls of your local shelter to show us what happens to those bright-eyed little pups that the world shuns. Pound Seizure: Abuse and Profit.

Animal Writings looks at a new essay by psychologist Melanie Joy and challenges us to look at meat-eating as a psychological disorder.

Animal Writings gives a few bullet points about why its about Outrage, Not Misanthropy.

Azad_slide in debunkingwhite takes a look at veganism as cultural imperialism.

Planet Grenada brings us the Art and Subversion of Ron English and the discussion begins to take us on a journey of the connections between sexism and speciesism.

Remember the band Vegan Reich? How about the Hardline Movement they helped start? Well, Planet Grenada is here to inform you that they didn’t go away, they just turned into an Islamic vegan movement. Sean Muttaqi, Vegan Reich, and the Hardline Movement.

G Bitch takes us on a trip to the mall food court and reminds us that the younger generation tends to pass us by. Choice.

The Canadian Seal Hunt is underway and An Animal-Friendly Life reminds us that its not so much a hunt as it is a slaughter. Urgent Mission at HSUS.

Vegan Activist is great at posting pictures that show the everyday speciesism in marketing (especially to children). Speciesist ads (Part 2) reminds us that cows are not bottles of milk with udders.

Last but certainly not least, i figured that you might be getting hungry after reading through these posts, so i’ve put together a three course meal with some recipes from different vegan blogs. Enjoy!

Opener: bean sprouts and broccoli slaw salad with coconut-ginger dressing from FatFree Vegan Kitchen. I feel healthy just thinking about it.
Main Course: homemade veggie burger (black bean or lentil, your choice) from Vegan Review with lotus root chips (again, from the FatFree Vegan Kitchen)
Dessert: teutonic decadence (german chocolate cake) from kittie and andrew learn to bake.

That’s it for now.  Thanks to all those who submitted or gave permission for you post to be included.  The next edition of the Carnival of Empty Cages will be hosted by Lake Desire over at The Official Blog on June 1.  So start getting your posts ready.  If you are interested in hosting a future edition of the carnival, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

13 Responses to “Carnival of Empty Cages #1”

  1. Lake Desire Says:

    Great first issue. I’m really enjoying reading it. It’s nice to have a space to discuss veganism since I feel like a rabbit among cats sometimes in the real world.

  2. brownfemipower Says:

    thanks for this vegan!! i am a newly indoctrinated vegitarian, headed slowly over to veganism–and the one thing that always keeps me and my family from the vegan thing entirelly is lack of food options! so that is great that you finished off the piece with *food options!!!!*
    great carnival!

  3. Lake Desire Says:

    brownfemipower, congrats on your vegetarianism. With time I’m sure you’ll find that options won’t feel as lacking. Please feel free to E-mail or IM me and we can swap recipes.

  4. vegankid Says:

    lake desire - glad you’re enjoying it. Hopefully we can create more spaces to talk about veganism, animal lib, and whatnot. I’m so glad that you are hosting the next one.

    bfp - for real, congrats! and, girl, send me an email with your address and i’ll send you a cookbook. Or, my favorite online source is The Post-Punk Kitchen ( Offline, my favorites are How It All Vegan, Garden of Vegan, and Vegan Planet. They all have easy, affordable, and very tasty recipes (most of which are very recognizable… like one of my favs, pigs in a blanket. Midwest, wha-wha?). I can tell you that i have far more variety in my diet now than i did as a meat-eater. Its all about gettin in the groove. Consensus seems to be that the groove takes about six months to get into:)

  5. Eric Says:

    The Chicago Diner has some awesome recipes:

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  7. vegankid Says:

    mmm…. Chicago Diner. Now if only i could get the recipe for the Pick Me Up Cafe’s vegan french toast.

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  9. brownfemipower Says:

    hey everybody, thanks for the heads up on where to find some more recipes!!!
    vegan, when i get a min, i’ll email you!!!

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    CARNIVAL OF EMPTY CAGES is now up at vegankid!…

  12. Nella Says:

    How do you submit a post?

  13. Bitch | Lab » Carnivals Says:

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