Blog Against Sexism Day

February 12th, 2006

March 8 is the first Blog Against Sexism Day. You can get more info here. If you are interested in participating, just leave a comment here with the URL of your blog or you can trackback to this post. All are encouraged to participate, especially those that don’t usually blog about sexism.

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217 Responses to “Blog Against Sexism Day”

  1. Chris Clarke Says:

    I’m in.

  2. No Blood for Hubris Says:

    Will do.

  3. j Says:

    Certainly will do. I have long celebrated March 8 and am happy to take part in this project.

  4. janinsanfran Says:

    Certainly will do. I have long celebrated March 8 and am happy to take part in this project.

    – in version above, name appears truncated, so I am trying again. Sorry for the double post.

  5. deviousdiva Says:

    Count me in. We only get ONE day of the year so let’s make the most of it! (sigh)

  6. Mamita Mala Says:

    I’m down!!!!

  7. Kevin Andre Elliott Says:

    Count me in at and!

  8. Gemma Says:

    Sounds like a plan.

  9. Bryan McKay Says:

    I’m in. I’d love to participate.

  10. Sour Duck Says:


    Sour Duck

  11. Sea Ganschow Says:

    Many thanks!

  12. Bitch | Lab Says:

    Ta Da!

  13. Sexy Vegan Chick Says:

    I’m very glad that you like my blog, thanks for the nice words. Both of those ideas sound wonderful, if you want any help or have updates on them, please let me know.

    ~ ~ Allie ~ ~

  14. EL Says:

    Count me in- good idea!

  15. Katie Says:

    Certainly will - Save Roe was my first shot at participating in these kinds of group blogging sessions, and I’d like to do more. :)

  16. Damien Scott Says:

    A voice from the dark heart of patricarchy — a (former, though technically still) Catholic priest. I’ll have a word or two for the cause.
    Damien Scott

  17. Dwayne Monroe Says:

    An excellent idea.

    I’ll use my wee Internets voice to participate.

  18. AgnosticMom Says:

    I’m doing it too.

  19. Bella & Magnus Says:

    We’ll write 2 separate posts at

  20. Jenn Says:

    Great idea! I’m in!

  21. Bad_Feminist Says:

    Thanks. I’m totally in too.

  22. IrrationalPoint Says:

    Count me in!

  23. Johanna Says:

    I’m in.

  24. fab Says:

    Count me in!

  25. Trisha Says:

    I’ll do it! (I just have to make sure I remember the date!)

  26. Richard Jeffrey Newman Says:

    I’m in too.

  27. Ampersand Says:

    I’m in! (And I’ve linked you from my blog - I’ll do so again when the deadline is closer.)

  28. Liz Says:

    I’ll be climbing on the bandwagon over at Granny Gets A Vibrator.

  29. sunlight Says:


  30. Dora Says:

    I’ll be participating at Chicken Scratch.

  31. green LA girl Says:

    I’m in, and would love a group reminder just before the day — Not because I don’t care, but because I’m a lil ditzy these days, what with Alito, the Supreme Court taking up that “partial-birth” case, the barrage of letters and emails from NARAL and PPLA, etc. etc. Thanks for organizing this –

  32. Mary Tsao Says:

    It’s on my calendar. My entry will be up at Mom Writes.

  33. Burrow Says:

    EVery damn day. I’m in!

  34. Burrow Says:


  35. Killer B Says:

    I’ll vlog about it!

  36. Susan Says:

    Count me in, too.

  37. cooper Says:

    I’m in.

  38. witchy-woo Says:

    I’m in.

  39. Hattie Says:

    Can’t wait!

  40. amb Says:

    Mmm. Sexism.

  41. Ann Bartow Says:


  42. Artemis Says:

    I’m in!

  43. Tracy Lynn Says:

    Not usually a topic for me, but count me in.

  44. Megan Says:

    I’m in, too, if I may!!

  45. spotted elephant Says:

    I’m in too!

  46. The Fat Lady Sings Says:

    I came on over from Twisty’s place. You can count me in as well.

  47. bookdrunk Says:

    Arrived via Tiwsty, via Gendergeek: count me in.

  48. Gordon Says:

    I’m in.

  49. Kat Says:

    I’m in!

  50. G Bitch Says:

    I’m IN! Read aboout it on Bardiac.

  51. G Bitch Says:

    I’m IN!

    The G Bitch Spot

  52. Jill Says:

    Feministe is in!

  53. Carol Says:

    I’ll give it my best.

  54. The Goldfish Says:

    I’m in.

    Diary of a Goldfish

  55. Maggie May Says:

    I’m in.

  56. Reb Says:

    Blogging about sexism en masse? Brilliant! Also, people, think about supporting other feminist media for Women’s History Month (March). Female and feminist writers, filmmakers, and artists of all kinds need your attention!

  57. ruxandra Says:

    another vegan participant. hooray. :)

  58. Jennifer Says:

    I’d love to.

  59. Hugo Schwyzer Says:

    I’m in, with bells on!

  60. 21stCenturyMom Says:

    I’m in. I’m always happy to blog against sexism.

  61. Andrea Says:

    I’m in.

  62. bitingbeaver Says:

    I’m in!

  63. Txfeminist Says:

    The Red State Feminist is in.

  64. marmiteboy Says:

    I’m in too.

  65. jessica Says:

    i’m in!

  66. Julie Winters Says:

    Will put the link and spread the word!

  67. Mandy Says:


  68. Kellie Says:

    For sure.

  69. No Blood for Hubris Says:

    Yes, yes, yes.

  70. Cleis Says:


  71. v Says:

    Hey there, include me please :)

  72. Diane Says:

    Count me in.

  73. ms. jared Says:

    please count me in too!
    xoxo, jared

  74. Ruthi Says:

    well…what else is there to say? of course I’m in!

  75. Marith Says:

    Vegan antisexists unite! I’m all over it.

  76. Elizabeth Bennett Says:

    I’m all for it! Count me in!

    Elizabeth Bennett

  77. alice tiara Says:

    I’m definitely in!

  78. le lyons Says:

    Wow. There is going to be A LOT to read that day. Can’t wait.

  79. le lyons Says:

    (Oh, and if that wasn’t clear enough - I’m in too)

  80. egalia Says:

    Sounds good to Tennessee Guerilla Women!

  81. Old Hobo Says:

    It’s on!

  82. Tamakazura Says:

    I will so do this thing.

  83. Kate Says:

    Oh, you better believe I’ll be blogging against sexism…

  84. soopermouse Says:

    with great pleasure

  85. Tom Head, Your Guide to Civil Liberties Says:

    I’m in. My version of the site isn’t live yet, but it will be by 3/8. I’ll also blog againt sexism on my personal blog here, where I already blogged for choice:

  86. Kristen Says:

    We are so in. :)

  87. Nancy Jo Says:

    What an exciting plan!

  88. Hobbes vs Boyle Says:

    I’m late but I’m in!

  89. Matjas Says:

    Late but excited

  90. The Whamstress Says:

    I’m in.

  91. Erika Says:

    Consider it all over Myspace.

  92. karenleslie Says:

    Me too and I will link to you pre-March 8th for extra advertisement beforehand!

  93. Kenneth Quinnell Says:

    Count me in:

  94. Dan Says:

    Count me in! :D

  95. Girl Uninterrupted Says:

    I would like to contribute. Thanks!

  96. Jo Says:

    Bring it on!

  97. Bethany Says:

    I plan to blog against sexism. Woot!

  98. Teenytoona Says:

    Count me in!

  99. Disillusioned kid Says:

    Count me in!

  100. Kristin Says:

    Me too!

  101. educand Says:

    I’m in, too!

  102. Mike Says:

    Adding my voice to the chorus.

  103. Tex Says:

    I’m in. sorry I’m so late.

  104. Bally Says:

    I’m in too.

  105. Sara Says:

    I’m in.

  106. Vi Says:

    in to win, lovelies! :)

  107. feetal Says:

    Yes indeedy, count me in

  108. shenaaz Says:

    blog on!

  109. Priyanka Says:

    I am in…glad to see sooo many like minded Bloggers…


  110. Charles A. L. Says:

    I’m in, especially since I missed the upcoming Carnival of Feminsts.

    Delusions of Mediocrity is the blog.

  111. Everythingbutamilkcow Says:

    Yes. Yes.

  112. gavin Says:

    I’m in.

  113. Suzanne Says:

    I am glad to blog against sexism.

  114. Oral Hygiene Queen Says:

    I’ll be sinking my teeth into the patriarchy as best as ever I can…

  115. Jon Says:

    Stiletto heels and fetishized women at

  116. Sarilyn Says:

    What can I do to show my participation physically? Is there a color? I don’t mean to be cheeky..Just want to show my support..Thanks..

  117. funkyfresh Says:

    I am in.

  118. Becky McCray Says:

    117 commitments! Wow!
    We’re normally “all business”, but we’ve decided to highlight the sexism of pay inequity.

    Becky McCray & gangsta friends
    Small Biz Survival

  119. Loose Chicks Sink Ships Says:

    Count me in too…

  120. Bride Of Acheron Says:

    I’ll post on the 8th.

  121. vegankid Says:

    i can’t begin to say how inspiring this all is. Over 150 people have pronounced their participation to me so far. And i know there are others who haven’t contacted me (especially all the non-english speaking participants).

    as far as what you can do physically, i’d check out this site: Global Women’s Strike

  122. LAmom Says:

    Count me in.

  123. kalinara Says:

    I’ll join in too.

  124. vinny Says:

    hey, ill be doing this too, sorry about the short notice!!!

  125. Christina Abt Says:

    I learned of this effort through a wonderful fellow blogger, who also just happens to be a man.

    Thanks Ali, for bringing me into this loop.

    And way to go all of you who join in this circle of support.

  126. brownfemipower Says:

    hey vegan, i looked for my name all over your list and i didn’t see it!! So I just wanted to make sure you knew I was participating…

  127. vegankid Says:

    sorry, bfp! about a week ago the bottom half of the list somehow disappeared. I reconstructed it the best i could but apparently i left some off (including myself!). I put you on as Woman of Color Blog. Great choice of articles, BTW! You see the documentary Live Nude Girls?

  128. DCBiblioGoddess Says:

    Count me in.

  129. aznet Says:

    late! but in.

  130. Anne Says:

    I’ll be there.

  131. Barry Says:

    I’ve weighed in.

  132. Canton Says:

    I’ll be participating. Didn’t want to post ’til I knew for sure, though.

  133. BetaCandy Says:

    I’m in.

  134. elvis bling laden Says:

    happy womens day from Norway!

  135. verbify Says:

    I’m in.

  136. Sarahlynn Says:

    Yeah, But Houdini Didn’t Have These Hips is so in.

  137. Afaeyre Maede Says:

    Count me in!

  138. Pat Hartman Says:

    Yes, it is a women’s issue.

  139. Michelle Says:

    Done — both at my blog and at )Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, a left-of-center Catholic blog I contribute to. I figured it would fit into the “not one of the usual commentators” on this topic. :)

  140. Don’t Let’s Start » Blog against sexism day Says:

    […] Well, apparently today has been declared blog against sexism day, which sounds like a worthy cause to me. […]

  141. scroobious Says:


  142. Ioana Contu Says:

    blogging on for women’s rights today! “You go!” I say to the girl in each of us!

  143. Melchior del Darién Says:

    I contributed, too.

  144. Carrie Says:

    Veni, vedi, scrivi

  145. Kristen Says:


  146. Liz Says:

    Count me in! And thanks for doing this!

  147. Catherine Says:

    I blogged against sexism. I think.

  148. pilgrimgirl Says:

    I’ve joined in. My entry:

  149. Allison Says:

    I’m in!

  150. fierymind Says:

    Count me in!

  151. Tasha Says:

    great idea. long overdue.

  152. Mary Tsao Says:

    Okay, my post is live. Thanks for putting this together! I can’t wait to read what others have written.

  153. Sarah Says:

    I blogged about breastfeeding on Monday. My blog is dedicated to women’s issues and academia.

  154. Talmida Says:

    I blogged about women in leadership in the Catholic church.

  155. trish Says:

    I ended up writing about this as well, about unfair custody trials and judges who are biased towards women (a very personal issue).

  156. Yuliya Says:

    I’m in and I already posted!

  157. logtar Says:

    I’m in on both of my websites.

  158. Bombadee Says:

    Sexism in the Toddler World

  159. JamesRaven Says:

    The Psychotic Patriot is blogging against sexism today, right JamesRaven Says:

    Sorry, my linkage was in error. Here’s the corrected link:

  160. Russell Says:

    Just finished posting…

  161. Laypalady Says:

    Some thoughts about sexism in Christianity.

  162. Kelly Says:

    Not sure how great of a post it is but I have one up!

  163. Kate Says:

    About to post…

  164. Bina Says:

    Posting today on a personal note. Happy Women’s Day to all!

  165. Nela Says:

    Yes, I am a feminist and proud and am commemorating this day on my blog.

  166. Becky McCray Says:

    I’ve decided at the last minute to also add a post to my African hunting blog. Almost all the readers are men!

  167. AiE Says:

    I’ve blogged against sexism.
    Here it is!

  168. Bjoern Elberling Says:

    Great project! I’ve put up a post at

  169. Liz Losh Says:

    I’m blogging today against sexism!

  170. Lene Taylor Says:

    Done and done.

    Just one (of many points) points about sexism in comics.

  171. katunia Says:

    done it. :) on

  172. ClueChick Says:

    You’re on!

  173. gypsy Says:

    My blog against sexism.

  174. meganjeane Says:

    I am in as well.


  175. Ahistoricality Says:

    I’m in!

  176. nkl Says:

    I’m in.

  177. Donna Says:

    My post is up.

  178. Thagmano Says:

    I’m in too.

  179. bijal Says:

    I’ve blogged.

  180. BEG Says:

    My post is up:

  181. Amy Says:

    I’ve blogged.

  182. Ferrous Buller Says:

    Just posted my entry. Though it is perhaps not what you might expect…

  183. Sandi Says:

    Vegankid, here I am…good to be with all of you…

  184. Nicole Says:

    Thanks for doing this—

  185. Lucy Says:

    I just posted my entry a little while ago.

  186. tigtog Says:

    I’m a day late, but here it is.

    Thanks vegankid.

  187. Lis Riba Says:

    It’s not much of a post, but since my period just started I thought I’d make a statement about how stupid all the secrecy surrounding menstruation is [link]

  188. Daniela Says:

    Done and done.

  189. Leesee Says:

    Hey, it’s still March 8th in San Diego! Mi hermana and myself think about this everyday and will continue to bring it up even though it makes people mad. Truth be told, making people mad is just gravy.

  190. Sylvia Says:

    Another Catholic feminist here. :D

  191. Trisha Says:

    It took me a while, but I finally got my post up too:

  192. Stentor Says:

    I technically wrote this last night, but I think it fits:

  193. Milligan Says:

    An introduction to the lack of women getting graduate degrees in the sciences:

  194. Jenny Says:

    You got it.

  195. minerva Says:

    Hi - wonderful idea, thanks for co-ordinating!

    Permalink to my post - on teaching feminism in a non feminist classroom and what it takes out of you:

  196. Deb Gussman Says:

    Hey, thanks from me too. I just posted on sexism in the news media–unfortunately alive and well.

  197. Vivian Paige Says:

    Late to the party but I’m in!

  198. catsagainstbush Says:

    Posted on our sexist beliefs when it comes to rape.

  199. Melissa Says:

    Done, here’s the URL.

  200. Echidne of the snakes Says:

    Here is my post, just in the nick of time:

  201. Sandy Piderit Says:

    My post went up yesterday, on pregnancy discrimination and challenges for employed mothers in the US workplace:

  202. trill42 Says:

    My post:

  203. Sabre Says:

    I’m so tired of being outraged that I am too tired to put together words, but here’s my link all the same:

  204. No Blood for Hubris Says:

    Here’s mine–

  205. Justpowers Says:

    Here’s mine:

  206. Richard Says:

    Put up my post yesterday, just referred to the site today.

  207. Natasha! Says:

    I know Myspace isn’t a REAL blog, but please accept:

  208. J Crowley Says:

    I’m in, too, a day late.

  209. J Crowley Says:

    Er, right, the post:

  210. Michael Denton Says:

    I’m a little late, but here’s an entry I did.

  211. backspace Says:

    Thanks for giving me “something to do” on international women’s day! Here’s my post:

  212. Issabella Says:

    I am in … the atmosphere…and also in with a written intervention ;)

  213. dorktastic Says:

    Only a few days late!

  214. Sofiesverden Says:

    Joining in from Caracas, Venezuela.

    Thanks for the initiative!

  215. Vivian J. Paige » March 8: Blog Against Sexism Day Says:

    […] Today is Blog Against Sexism Day, appropriate since today is also International Woman’s Day. […]

  216. Carola Says:

    I have gladly linked to this URL.

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